The Garden of Paradise

Animated feature film

based on Hans Christian Andersens fairy-tale
Screenplay and direction by Diamara Nizhnikovskaya
Illustrations by Irene Melnikova
Produced by Aliaksandr Chepik

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This is the fairy tail about a young prince whom his queen grandmother presented with the splendid book full of live pictures of the Garden of Paradise. But the only thing she would never confide in him was how she took hold of the magic pictures.

As the prince became a little bit older he, with the help of his faithful friend the Globe, went to search for the answer.

And his search lead him to the magic cavern of winds the place of Mother of the winds and her sons the North Wind, the South Wind, the West Wind and the East Wind. They were rushing into the cave, bringing with them blizzards and piercing blasts, hot sandstorms and whispers of impenetrable wilds of forests wonderful stories from all parts of the world

The prince who always dreamed of seeing the whole wonderful world found himself among the ices of the North, the deserts of Africa, wild forests of America, tea plantations of Chine and even wings of the East Wind, covered with golden birds and flowers, brought him to the mesmerizing world of the Garden of Paradise the kingdom of beautiful Fairy Queen.

He dreamed of staying in the Garden of Paradise but he could not because he broke the severe Law of that magic place the ability to keep his word, his promise.

And all around him fell into ruin! Disappeared!.. And snow, hail and rain rattled on him!..

And again he found himself in the same forest, in the same cavern.

And a black old man with large black wings and an old scythe in his hand came to take the prince. It was Death himself! But how dauntlessly Mother of the winds fought him and slung the black old man out of the cave promising him quick imminent death from his own wicked work!

And prince got back into his room in the palace together with the battered in the wonderful journeys Globe, he understood that friendship is wonderful and everyone must have in the life his own Garden of Paradise.

But the most important thing that understood not always obedient but very curious young prince was - the fairy-tale always tells the truth!