About Art Director of Company, Director Diamara Nizhnikovskaya

Films by director Diamara Nizhnikovskaya

The script author and director, the founder of the company Cinemarec, Diamara Nizhnikovskaya, was born in Ukraine, studied law at the Law Institute in Minsk, graduated from the dramatic workshop of the Belarusian Academic Theatre named after Yanka Kupala, the directing faculty of the Belarusian Academy of Arts and completed post graduate studies at the chair of stage direction of the State Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow (SITAM) (the art director - Yuri Zavadsky the head of the directing faculty of SITAM and main director of Mossovet Theater Moscow). As a theatrical director, she directed a number of performances in Minsk theaters. Since 1967 she worked as a producer at the film studio Belarusfilm, and afterwards, in 1991 she founded the company Cinemarec as a creative studio of historical cinema.

She finished the course of study at leading masters of theatre and cinema. Brilliant teachers and directors J.A.Zavadsky, M.O.Knebel, A.A.Efremov, G.V.Kristi, V.P.Redlih, Anisimov-Woolf were the great galaxy of the masters, originated from 3 studios of the MKhAT, supervised at that time by K.S.Stanislavsky.

Thanks to personal lessons provided by pupils and followers of great Stanislavsky during the workshops Diamara Nizhnikovskaja's has mastered and successfully applies the Method of physical actions of great master.

During her postgraduate studies at Chair of direction in Moscow D.Nizhnikovskaja was teaching students the direction and actors skill in J.Zavadsky's workshop on the base of System and Stanislavsky's Lessons, participated in rehearsal process of those play that were directed by J.Zavadsky at Mossovet Theater Moscow. All this gave her the chance to gain knowledge, an estimation of her works and experience.

As theatrical director Diamara Nizhnikovsky created a number of performances at theatres of Minsk. Since 1967 she worked as the director on the film studio "Belarusfilm", and then in 1991 has based company "Cinemarec", as a creative studio of historical cinema.

The films by Diamara Nizhnikovskaya, through human fates, reflect various periods in the history of Belarus, as well as the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union of which once Belarus was the integral part.

She worked with the most famous Russian stars and they willingly participated in her films, and some of modern "stars" debuted in her films.

a. International Film Festival in Montreal (1994);
b. 47th Cannes International Film Festival (1994);
c. 61th Cannes International Film Festival (2008);
d. 62th Cannes International Film Festival (2009);
e. Berlin International Film Festival (1995).

Films by director Diamara Nizhnikovskaya:

The Cross of Mercy
Starring: A.Belova, A.Domogarov The fate of a young Belarusian poetess, her love drama on the eve of revolutionary events in Russia at the beginning of the century.
Echo in pushtcha
Starring: B.Borisov, N.Dmitrieva, P.Glebov, A.Masulis 20-ies of the last century. On the border line of the young Belarusian Republic communards confront White Guard gangs.
Fakir for an hour
Starring: N.Rumianceva, M.Pugovkin, A.Beliavskiy, M.Vodianoy 30-40-ies. Unsettled state of hotel life in front of the authorities create comic situations.
Anxiety of first birds
Starring: B.Borisov, E.Menshov The year 1944. The film displays the beginning of life of those people who returned to the destroyed Belarus territory liberated from the German fascists.
Day and night
Starring: O.Soshnikova, L.Socolova End of 50-ies. June 22 is the day the Great Patriotic War started. The meeting of veterans graduates of the medical institute who left for front on that day 1941, and the graduation ceremony of medical students of the same institute. Young love, memories, meeting of different generations.
A Reliable Man
Starring: L.Rumianceva, A.Azo, R.Jankovskiy 60-ies of the Soviet Belorussia. The fates of the heroes of that period are interconnected closely with discoveries in science, geology; they generate new relations, new love.
The End of the Indian summer
Starring: V.Mischenko, M.Zigalov 70-ies. A Belarusian village. The story of true love, faith, betrayal and treachery.
The Romance of the Emperor
Starring: Nikolai Burov, Vera Sotnikova, Natalia Vlasova, Tamara Urzhumova, Valeriy Barinov, Ernst Romanov, Sergey Kudimov, Marina Yurasova, Tatyana Piletskaya, Stanislav Landgraf, Milena Tontegode, Valentin Braude, Alexey Nilov and others. This is the film about the striking, happy and tragic love, the feeling that connected the Emperor of Russia Alexander II Liberator and young princess Katenka Dolgorukaya. It was the romance that, undoubtedly, entered the historiography of the world-famous love affairs. The feature version of The Romance of the Emperor was the participant of Prix Europe and Montreal World Film Festival.