Romance Of The Emperor

Feature film

Screenplay and direction by Diamara Nizhnikovskaya
Produced by Diamara Nizhnikovskaya

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Nothing sustains the aroma of the epoch better than a love story. It becomes more attracting when we talk about a man whose power could be the main jealousy of any monarch in that far XVIII century.

Romance of the Emperor – is the film about wonderful, happy and tragic love and feelings that connected the emperor of Russia Alexander II and young princess Katherine Dolgorukaya. That was a romance that, definitely, can be added to the historical love adventures of the world.

At the same time on the political stage near the great figure of Emperor Alexander II play Kaiser Wilhelm, Queen of England, Emperor Napoleon III, Alexander III and many others who defined tremendous changes in European political life.

And the marriage of Alexander II and princess Katherine, later named princess Urievskaya, after Maria Romanova passes away, is the challenge to centurial traditions that were archaic in their form – especially in the traditional choice of foreign brides.

The film rises from the historical ashes honorable names that left the huge trail in history, i.e. all that is included in the term “court chronicle”.

This romantic film possesses love, passion, sufferings, and death from a murder. There’s a noble man – generous knight and his beautiful beloved.

Unexpected changes of the plot, intrigues and encroachments, conspiracies…

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