Christmas Tale For Adults

Feature film

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based on "Doll House" play by H. Ibsen
Screenplay and direction by Diamara Nizhnikovskaya.
Produced by Elena Goroleva, Aliaksandr Chepik, Akos Toth.


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A magic world of Christmas Eve...

A Christmas Tree, lights, presents and showers of festoons
A happy fairy-tale soaring over sleeping childrens heads, and their mother Nora Helmer, cuddled in a chair
Glowing lights of the fairy kings crown entwined in Noras unstressed hair
Torvald Helmer, in a cloud of thawing and glistering snowflakes of words, carrying his sleeping wife in his arms

-My singing-bird, my lark Be at rest, and feel secure; I have broad wings to shelter you under You have no idea what a true mans heart is like, Nora

This tune overwhelms her She yearns for these words Shes flowing in the waves of love

She will hear them when shes desperate when her life is trampled and her heart is broken like a discarded Christmas Tree ball

But Christmas Eve is full of miracles!
And she is the greatest miracle of all!

Presentation of the project at Marche du Film of 62nd Cannes Film Festival

cocktail-party '09 production
Advertisement of the project in the official catalogue of the participants of Cannes Film Festival.
Advertisement of the project in the official daily Cannes Market News (day 4, 16 May 2009).
Essay in the official Cannes Film Festival daily Cannes Market News (day 8, 20 May 2009) about the presentation of the project that took part in Plage des Palmes.
from "Cannes Market News" the official daily of Marche du film Festival de Cannes, day 8, Wednesday, 20 May, 2009.

Christmas Tale for Adults

The making of Doll's House in stereo 3D