Christmas Tale For Adults

Feature film

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based on "Doll House" play by H. Ibsen
Screenplay and direction by Diamara Nizhnikovskaya.
Produced by Elena Goroleva, Aliaksandr Chepik, Akos Toth.


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… A magic world of Christmas Eve...

… A Christmas Tree, lights, presents and showers of festoons…
… A happy fairy-tale soaring over sleeping children’s heads, and their mother Nora Helmer, cuddled in a chair…
… Glowing lights of the fairy king’s crown entwined in Nora’s unstressed hair…
… Torvald Helmer, in a cloud of thawing and glistering snowflakes of words, carrying his sleeping wife in his arms…

-My singing-bird, my lark… Be at rest, and feel secure; I have broad wings to shelter you under… You have no idea what a true man’s heart is like, Nora…

… This tune overwhelms her… She yearns for these words… She’s flowing in the waves of love…

She will hear them … when she’s desperate… when her life is trampled and her heart is broken like a discarded Christmas Tree ball…

But Christmas Eve is full of miracles!
And she is – the greatest miracle of all!

Presentation of the project

Marche du Film of 62nd Cannes Film Festival

cocktail-party '09 production
Advertisement of the project in the official catalogue of the participants of Cannes Film Festival.
Advertisement of the project in the official daily “Cannes Market News” (day 4, 16 May 2009).
Essay in the official Cannes Film Festival daily “Cannes Market News” (day 8, 20 May 2009) about the presentation of the project that took part in Plage des Palmes.
from "Cannes Market News" — the official daily of Marche du film Festival de Cannes, day 8, Wednesday, 20 May, 2009.

3D or not 3D

Director Dziamra Nizhnikovskaya in Genoa
Director Dziamra Nizhnikovskaya in Genoa.
Cinque Terre in North West Italy
Cinque Terre in North West Italy.
Blasco Giurato
Blasco Giurato.

Together with my colleagues in E-Motion, and a consultant with whom I have worked for many years in Europe and India - Steve Shaw - we have just finished a rather exciting series of evaluation tests for various films in 3d in the city of Genoa in Italy.

In the first case, I had met the BeloRussian director and producer of a film based on Ibsen’s theatrical play “A Doll’s House” at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

They had described to me the idea of the film they wanted to make based on Ibsen’s play and had asked me if I could help them in providing for some locations in Italy.

The film was to be shot in 35mm film and the 77 year-old, distinguished and highly respected BeloRussian director Dziamara Nizhnikovskaya, was adamant about using film and not digital.

I met her and producer Elena Goroleva from Cinemarec together with Daniel Cooper-Kamodsky - associate producer from Maap International in the UK - several times during the Cannes film Festival and we talked more and more deeply about the technicalities of the project.

I eventually proposed stereo 3d for this film, and not just for obvious commercial aspects. I had been and still am involved in a project in the south of Italy designed to “capture and preserve” theatrical plays for future generations, and I had suggested 3d for this too; I had realized that 3d would give the audience the opportunity to watch a play from the “ideal seat” in a theatre in each moment, and to feel much more “transported” by the “physicality” of the actors on the stage as if they had been there during the actual performance, especially with highly accurate and well-engineered surround sound to boot (something that E-Motion’s partner Alberto Parodi does justice to with his cutting-edge and fully equipped nearby sound facility Logical Box).

I argued with the BeloRussians that if their film was made in 3d it would have a far more exciting visual appeal, entice younger audiences, and generate better opportunities for international sales - especially for future television sales for a repeating “Christmas” type of film as this one will prove to be.

I had noticed in last year’s Cannes that the market is already crying out for more 3d product. I argued that by shooting in 3d we would be producing two films in one go for the market - one in 3d and the other a “normal” film - so potentially sales for both versions.

I imagined that the powerful acting from such excellent Russian talent would carry across the story line in a more amplified fashion in stereo 3d.

My arguments and observations were judged to be of interest, but the logical hurdle we would have to pass was that of doing a test shoot for the director, so as to offer an evaluation of what stereo could do for the film, so that’s what we organized in Genoa - showing the beautiful locations for the film at the same time - after all, 3d really does make location shots look absolutely beautiful, and far more visually interesting than 2d can.

David Bush
Project stereo 3D coordinator
from blog written by David Bush - october 2009 & updated april 2010

Marche du Film of 63nd Cannes Film Festival

Doll's House in stereo 3d.jpg
pulished in Cannes Edition of La Film Francais in May 2010
from "Cannes Market News" — the official daily of Marche du film Festival de Cannes, day 3, Friday, 14 May, 2010.

Paul Lowin on the project Christmas Tale for Adults
from "Cannes Market News" — the official daily of Marche du film Festival de Cannes, day 8, Wednesday, 19 May, 2010.