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Romance of the Emperor: Court chronicle of Emperor Alexander II times
Romance of the Emperor (Mysterious Reign): Court chronicle of Emperor Pavel I times
Dreams of Danish Princess: Court chronicle of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Fedorovna
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Starring: Valeri Barinov, Milena Tontegode, Tamara Urzhumova, Natalya Vlasova, Ernst Romanov.

The first secret dates of the fourty-seven-year old Russian Emperor Alexander II with the young princess Dolgorukaya practicaly coincides within the begginning of a series of attempts upon the tsar's life.

We shot "ROMANCE OF THE EMPEROR" in a city with a sonorous name - Saint-Petersburg, which kept all marks of the great city of Emperors, and didn't loose it's grandeur to that time

We also shoot it on the Black Sea coast - in Livadia, Alupka - places which were so precious to the Emperor's family, and where secret dates of legandary lovers took place.

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